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29 January 2006 @ 09:43 pm
it's a good life  
I wonder if you can sue your computer company for ruining your eyes.

Drowning, just as fast as i can.
But don't throw me a line,
don't reach out your hand.
Cause, I'm on the brink of something beautiful

It's never been more perfect being alive
I've never been so satisfied

I could feel something different for the first time
Heaven made sense and all the words rhymed.
No chance of stopping now. I'm taking it all.
And now I'm caught in the air, its a good glide.
Pass it up, wouldn't dare what a wild ride.
I remember being ready and waiting to fall
just like I did tonight

i played lotr: battle for middle earth almost all day. and I use the term almost loosely.

so I didn't even go to church, and I sat around all day on my butt.
well, i did go on a bike ride with my mom, and my legs burned afterwards, cause we rode up a huge hill twice.

but i have a new resolution to never be this lazy or on the computer as much as i was today.

i don't even remember the point of this post

but i know that i've said i'm not going to get on the computer that much about 20 million times. and I've never followed through except for about one day, if that. maybe like half a day.

oh well, this time I mean it. for real.

i'm going to bed early tonight
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: ready and waiting to fall [mae]